Friday 13th & Full Moon

Hi everyone.
Yesterday, I went to bed earlier than usual and skipped updating Night Clicks. This night owl is getting old :)
Every Thursday, my daughter has english lessons at 9.00 am so we must get up very early. At night after cooking dinner, I´m already KO. Because I was so sleepy, I only updated some of my other blogs and did my EC round.
Ok, so today is Friday 13th. Are you very superticious or just a bit?
I am a bit but once I was born on a Friday 13th, I think this must be my lucky day :)
In our hemisphere, we´re having full moon as well. So, Friday 13th with full moon, should I go out today?
Just kidding, nothing special ever happened to me in this days. Ok, not that I remember. I mean, my bad luck is permenent, it´s with me every day :) And you, did anything special happened to you on a Friday 13th ?

2 comentários:

Mariuca said...

Ha ha Fri the 13th is already over Mize! I have a tag for u sweetie, have fun and have a good weekend. :):):)

Mizé said...

Hi Marzie!
Yeap, you´re 8 hours ahead of me...
Thanks fot tagging me, I will sure have fun doing this one!
Happy Monday dear!
Miriam sends you kisses, me too.