New ADSL Connection: Finally!

Hi everyone.
Finally, I have a new ADSL Internet connection at home. Tonight I´m happy!
It took longer than I thought because I requested a new phone line. This new phone line didn´t support the Internet speed I contracted and this caused more trouble than I expected. The speed had to be reduced but I didn´t notice much difference from my previous connection. This means I did a good deal after all. I will pay less for the same speed and service I had before :)
Technical support was nice, they took a week to solve my problem but the issue was in my flat. Considering that Portugal is an extremely burocratic country...I should be happy...
Now that I have the new connection imagine what I did?
I spent a good part of the night returning drops and visiting my Entrecard fellows. It feels great to be back!
Now I have loads of stuff to do and many things to catch up such as tags, awards, comments, updates in my other blogs, etc. Tomorow, I will focus on my other blogs, I need to update them asap.
I also have some news in my personal life. I will blog about this later. Right now, I have to catch some sleep because tonight I made drops until I dropped :)See you soon xx

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Liza said...

Yeehah! Welcome back Mize! I'm glad you're finally able to resolve the internet issue. :)

Moms... Check Nyo

Native American Momma said...

yeah welcome back to the internet!

Mira said...

Welcome back Mize, it's good to see you again ;-) Happy Tuesday afternoon!

Michelle said...

Yippie, a new connection. I bet you're really happy. It drives me nuts when we lose our DSL connection. I feel so cut of from the world. Thanks so much for your sweet comments and your continued drops too. Glad your back up and running. I always enjoy my visits to your place. Take care.

Mizé said...

Hello Ladies.
Thanks all for your visits and comments!

Mizé said...

Liza: Yeahh! Iupi!
Now I have a new connection just for me :) I just need to fix my PC, already tried but had no luck. I´m saving money to take it to the store.
A good week ahead,
Hugs :)

Mizé said...

American Mom:
Thanks! I´m happy to know you care...
Sorry to be away for so long, I will try to catch up your latest posts as soon as possible.
Happy Wednesday xx

Mizé said...

Mira: Helooo!
I visited you yesterday and really loved your shrimp recipe :)
You know, I missed you!
Hugs :)

Mizé said...

I can see you understand... I was without net for 2 weeks and I must confess I was getting a bit nuts too.
Internet and blogging completes my world!
Sorry if I don´t comment much...sometimes I just don´t know what to say...
You´re so welcome!
Hugs from Portugal :):)