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When I started blogging I didn´t know much about domains and hosting. This concerns only emerged when I decided to buy my first domain. Even then, I had to read the information available online to learn the basic steps of having my own domain.
When I searched for web hosting information I found an immense number of companies that offer this services and that became another problem. There are so many companies that provide this services that I did not know which to chose.
A good help to learn about this topic is a web hosting review website called Webhostinggeeks. This website is a web host rating site, recently re-designed, where you can read reviews about the best hosting providers and all the packages they offer. Webhostinggeeks also has a blog where you can read articles about other important topics for many webmasters such as Domains, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Control Panels, E-Commerce, Security Issues and much more.
If you´re looking for web hosting you can visit Webhostinggeeks to read independent reviews of the best hosting providers and check awards since 2004. You can also find information about cheap hosting, under $10 a month. All web hosting plans include one free domain name, which is a good deal.

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Mrs Mecomber said...

Hello, Mize! Welcome back to the Internet! I am glad you are back online. :)

Shinade said...

Oh it's so good to have you back!! I am using my internet when they suggest...between 3 and 6 am!!

I will sleep until afternoon now!!

Happy day...I was so thrilled to see you drop by!!


Mizé said...

Hi Rebecca.
Thanks so much for your visit and warm comment.
I´m so happy everything is back to normal...I was getting a bit crazy with their delay. I´m not complete without my blogging, it works like a stress relief for me.
I care for you too, hugs!

Mizé said...

Hi Jackie!
Thanks, I do care for you too. Wish I could meet you in person but it´s also good to have you as my virtual friend!
What?? 3 and 6 am? That´s crazy, it´s the best hours to sleep!
Take good care of you. Sleep tight and I will visit you soon.
Hugs :):)