About PR Updates

Hi everyone, hope you´re having a good weekend.
After doing my EC round and visiting blogging resources blogs, such as Atniz, I confirmed there were PR updates in April 1. My fellow bloggers also left me comments that confirm this update. I didn´t notice before because in my blogs everything remains the same.
I managed to keep Night Clicks PR3 (Thanks, G!) and my other blogs PR3 too. My domain NetSource remains with PR0 but this is mostly my fault. I recently changed it´s internal linking structure and didn´t work much to gain more links. I also did a few paid reviews which I think it´s the main cause for not having any PR back.
If G keeps this updates´ pace, the next one will be in the end of July.
See you soon.

2 comentários:

Monica said...

congrats on yr PR Mize!!! keep it up ;-)

Mizé said...

Hi Monica.
Thanks! It looks like Mr G saved Night Clicks one more time :)
A good week ahead, have fun!
Hugs from here :)