Investmint: Personal Finance Website

The economy downturn makes most of us think about saving and personal finance more than ever. Personally, I´m interested in all subjects related to to this topic and I´m always searching for tips to maximize my savings.
If you´re interested in personal finance, there´s a good site blog you can visit called Investmint.
Investmint was developed by Bernz Jayma P. , an Illinois accountant and entrepreneur, to help others learn how to save and invest. In this Website you can find different financial topics such as: establish financial goals, tips to save money, investing strategies (real estate, stock market, etc), retirement strategies, and more.
Investmint also provides free financial calculators and other useful resources to help you manage your money to achieve financial independence.

2 comentários:

Laurie said...

Finance is definitely a big topic these days. I just went through a layoff, so I know.

I hope you will come by and enter my iPod giveaway in support of my breast cancer walk.

Mizé said...

Hi Laurie.
Thanks for visiting and commenting.
Yes, you´re right. It looks like the economy downturn is affecting us all.
Sorry to hear about your job...hope you find a new one soon.
I also blog about saving money in my other blog: My Countryhome.
I´ll check your giveaway, I don´t have any ipod yet :) Thanks for letting me know.
A good week ahead!