Blogger Status: Back from Work & Blogging Chores

Hi everyone.
I just returned from work, it was a tiring day for me. As usual, last night, I went to bed later than I should. I talked with my mother on the phone for over one hour and got distracted with the hours. At night time seems to fly even faster than during the day.
Now, I need to go out again to pay my bills and do some groceries shopping. At 6.15 pm I have to pick my daughter from school and then I´ll return home for my normal housechores and to cook dinner. Lately, I haven´t done much menu planning so I have to decide dinner on a daily basis.
I´ll be back to blogging only after dinner. There´s so much I need to catch up... Next Saturday, I´ll also work so I won´t have all weekend free like in previous weeks. This week, my days off will be Thursday and Sunday. I already have plans for Thursday so I´ll only have Saturday to rest.
Tonight, If I have enough energy left, I´d like to return EC drops and visit my fellow bloggers from other corners of the world. I´d also like to update both my food blogs because I have a step by step recipe from which I took some pictures.
See you later xx

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