Blogger Status: Tired but Happy

Hello folks.
I´m back from work. It´s Friday but I can´t say TGIF because I will work tomorow from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm.
Today I´m tired because I did two blogging nights in a row. This means I haven´t slept much but I´m happy because I had the chance to visit some of my fellow blogers and read their latest posts.
I also had some time to do a couple EC rounds and post a few reviews. This reviews are very welcome because they will balance this month´s earnings. My new job doesn´t allow me to dedicate much time to my blogs and that will reflect on my earnings. Well, we can´t have it all, right?
I hope this weekend I finally have time to catch up tags and awards.
See you in a bit.

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Mariuca said...

Morning Mize, dropping off some weekend love for u! Enjoy your day with Miriam. :):):)