Children's Music Lessons

Some centuries ago, in Europe, music was regarded as an essential subject in education.
When I was younger, I had the music classes in public school but only during two years. After that, other subjects were considered more important than music. Music was replaced by foreign languages, religion and gymnastics.
In the past decades, this tendency seems to be changing. Children's Music Lessons were introduced again but only in some public schools, specially in big cities.
I think music is important in education because it can help developing language, concentration, self esteem and other important skills. Nowadays, you can find different schools that provide Music Classes For Toddlers and also Baby Music Class. Most private schools provide music classes for groups of children with different ages. There´s even classes for newborns, six moths old, 18 months and older.
If you think music is important for your children´s development and you have resources to pay for private classes you can find good schools in most cities.
I think music classes and body expressions are as important as any other subject and they should be available in all public schools, with no exception. After junior-grade they could become optional.

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