Shopping Spree

Hi everyone.
Thursday was my day off from work (it´s half past midnight here) and once I recently received my first check I decided to do some shopping in Forum Algarve.
Two years ago, I decided to have a frugal lifestyle to save money but there are a few essential items that I just can´t skip, such as clothes and shoes.
It´s been ages since I last bought something for me and for my birthday I promissed to offer myself a face cream so tonight I went out with my daughter and did the shopping I was avoiding.
For me I bought some lingerie, two pair of sandals, cotton socks, one shirt, a day cream and one book. For my daughter I bought a pair of shorts, one shirt, a cap and a pair of sandals.
I feel a bit guilty because I spent over one hundred fifty euros but I just can´t avoid buying clothes for my daughter because she´s growing a lot. The extra spending was a book about Karmic Astrology that I really wanted.
This month, I won´t buy anything else but food and essentials but next month I need to buy some more clothes for my daughter and a new swimming suit. Summer will arrive here soon and I will need to buy her more shorts, t-shirts, sandals and a summer jacket.
We also had a burger dinner and one ice cream. I love going out with my daughter because we have fun even when we don´t buy anything. Tonight it was kind of "shop until you drop" :)
See you soon.

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