Charlotte Licensed Electricians

A safe electric wiring is a very important aspect both in our homes and offices. Once many appliances we use run on electricity, it´s a good idea to keep a close eye on new installations and repair the old ones as soon as a problem is detected. A bad wiring is dangerous to those who use it because it can destroy equipment or even cause a fire.
If you live in Charlotte area and you need a professional electrician for your projects you can check Delectrics. Delectrics is an electrical contracting company, owned by Maynard Dutton, that offers personalized service for any type of electrical installations or repair request, both large or small.
Maynard Dutton, has been working in the electrical field for over two decades and has knowledge in all categories of electrical installations. He assists and supervises both residential or commercial projects
Delectrics has Charlotte Electricians specialized in complete wiring remodeling and repairs such as displays, light fixtures, panel boards, motors and controls, generator sets and communication cables.
If you live in this USA area and you need a licensed professional for your electrical projects, you can check Delectrics Website or contact this company by phone to get a bid from an experienced electrician.

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