Blogger Personal Stuff: About My New Job

As I recently mentioned, I started working in April 1st. Almost one month has passed and I can tell you I´m happy with my new job for several reasons.
First, with the economy downturn, it´s not easy to find a job in a public institution that offers the same condition´s as mine, specially with one year contract renewable for equal periods until three years.
Secondly, I´m working in health. Health is my studies´ area. I´m learning a new but useful profession that fits my interests. Most important of all, I´m enjoying what I do.
Thirdly, this job gives me an indirect opportunity to help others, which I like and think of it as very rewarding.
There are other positive points about my job such as the possibility to stay there longer because there are a few collegues who will retire in a couple years. Even before I finish my course I have the opportunity to make a change for a better position because I´m one of the persons there that has more qualifications. I just hope all goes well because, with my age, I just can´t waste this opportunity.
It´s not easy to find a good job in my studies area and with a daughter that depends on me, I need to "grab this opportunity with both hands" and never look back.
The job I´m doing requires concentration and some technical knowledge but once I have a good background I can handle it perfectly. In my case, the biggest disvantage in this job is shifts schedules and working till late or during weekends.
In sum, I have a feeling I won´t regret if I give my best but only time can tell.
Yesterday, I received my first payment which is a great help to balance my financial situation. The last time I received a payment from a job was last summer, a long time ago for someone who has expenses every month.
I´ve been tired but happy and with many hopes in my future. I can´t report many deatails about what I do but I will update you when I have important news.
See you in a bit.

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