My New Old Car

I recently wrote a post about my car where I mentioned I was about to return it, remember?
Well, in fact I had to give my previous car away but I already bought another one and it´s all paid. Now I have a car of my own and no debt at all.
Previously, I had a dark grey 2007 Ford Fusion and now I bought a black 1999 Ford Techno. Ford is one of my favorite affordable brands. To make this change, I gave my father´s old 1974 Mercedes (that was abandoned in my garage) and paid the rest in cash. Buying an older car isn´t the ideal option but, at least, I´m debit free.
I also had to change my car insurance for a new contract in my name. I even saved some money with this change.
If you´re looking to save some money with your car insurance you should check different companies before you decide which one to chose.
You can start by visiting Carinsuranceceqt website to get an online quote. From my experience, the best way to save money in car insurance is doing price comparison to check the best deal for your needs.

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Sandi said...

yeah we are thinking of changing insurance too. I think we are paying WAY too much.