Day Off and a Blogging Night

Hi everyone.
Tomorow, I will have one day off from my job so tonight I decided to do a night owl blogging session, like in "old times" :) I will be up blogging, let me see, probably until 3.00 am :)
I already returned all EC drops made in Night Clicks, took some time to read my fellow bloggers´ latest posts and left some comments.´s been only 22 days since I´ve been working but I already miss my blogging routines so much!
Right now, I´m having a warm coffee and looking for some reviews to do.
I also need to check my mails but I´m a bit afraid. It´s been ages since I last opened them and by now I probably have a "million" mails to check, including all the spam junk I receive.
By now, all my mail boxes are full and that´s for sure. I don´t even want to think about the time I´ll need to spend to go trough all mails and clean my box. What a waste of time:)
I think I´ll just press delete all. I´m kidding but I sure feel overwhelmed.
I have some interesting topics to blog about but I´ll leave them for other interim posts. See you later tonight. Cheers!

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