Convert EC Credits for Cash

I just read in EC website that with the new paid ads system we can convert our EC credits for cash. EC will buy user´s credits with the revenue generated by the website.
The conversion rate will be 1.00 US dollar for 1000 credits. This conversion rate isn´t much if you consider the time you need to spend dropping to earn the credits.
To be included in this system you need to apply EC for it. First you fill a form with your personal data for US tax system and after this step you need to wait for their answer.
I already applied for the conversion system and now I´m waiting for EC to review my request. I have a bunch of credits that I wouldn´t mind converting for cash. It took me long hours to earn this credits but I only use them to advertise or sponsor contests. Some extra bucks are always welcome.
See you soon.

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Mira said...

I feel the same way, I don't think a buck isn't enough to pay for the efforts in dropping. Hi Mize, how are you? Just sneaking some drops, still have house guests to entertain, whew! lol.