Painting Projects

I moved to the flat where I currently live nine years ago. Since I´ve been living in this flat, I already painted one entire room and the kitchen ceiling. I had to paint my daughter´s bedroom because when she was younger she used to make drawings in it´s walls.
The kitchen is the only room in the flat where I smoke. With time and all the cooking I do, the white ceiling became yellow. Now, I also need to paint the bathroom, the hall and the balcony. I wish I could do this project at once but I can´t. I have to do it by parts and the most urgent is the bathroom. My bathroom doesn´t have an exterior window and because of humidity I now have dark spots all over it´s ceiling. The only solution is to use a special product to remove the dark spots and paint it over.
Spring is the ideal time to do painting projects. I wish I could contract professional painters but once my budget is low, I have to do it myself.
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