My Best Online Earners

When I started Night Clicks I was a newbie. I didn´t even know that I could earn a few extra bucks blogging.
Nowadays, I´m not an expert or a blogging star. I´m just a simple blogger that runs a bunch of blogs. In fact, I have more blogs than I can handle but I also have fun with all of them and, for me, that´s what really counts.
I always started my blogs for fun and not for the money they could bring me. The money is just an extra motivation. I also don´t think that those who earn money with their blogs are bad bloggers.
Some of my blogs are only for fun (for example, my food blogs or My Countryhome) but others bring me some extra bucks every month. This blogs make enough to cover my Internet connection and help me pay some of my studies´ expenses.
It´s no secret, my best earners are paid reviews and blog advertising. If you´d like to try it out I recommend:

Reviews: Pay per Post (blogs with PR, specially dot com domains), Social Spark (works better for US bloggers) and Sponsored Reviews (lower earnings);

Webmaster´s Forums: To learn, sell links or advertise your product check out Digital Point Forums;

Blog Advertising: Adsense (blogs that have search engine traffic), Adgitize (blogs with a good number of visitors), Entrecard (for new readers, to find new blogs and to lower your Alexa rank).

My latest experience - Paid to blog: Today website didn´t work for me. You need to post every day and have a good number of visitors to make it work. In my opinion, it´s a big investment for the return so I quited.

Any questions, just ask. I´ll be glad to help.
A good Sunday to all!

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DCRose said...

I give you a lot of credit Mize. I can hardly handle one blog. You are doing a great job. And this was very interesting and useful info. Thanks, Rosie