I Found A Job!

Lately, I´ve been very happy and today I´d like to share the reason of my happiness:
I found a new job and I will start today, Wednesday, at 9.30 am !
The recent events in my personal life and the economy downturn made me reconsider my professional path. As you know, I´ve been studying in University and this is supposed to be my last year in school. I often wondered if I had made the right choice. I know I did but now things have changed in my personal life and I need to adapt.
In Portugal, a University course doesn´t grant you a job. On the contrary, it´s easier to find a job if you have the 12th grade.
My new job is in the Central Hospital and I will do shifts, including nights and weekends. I will have one year contract with the possibility of renewal.
Considering my country´s situation and my age, this is a great opportunity I couldn´t pass.
From now on, I will have less time to be online but I will try to update my blogs as frequently as I can. My online world is very important to me and I won´t let this job steal my precious blogs. You see, my blogs are my way to relax, to practice my rusty english, to meet other fellow bloggers from different corners of the world and to have some fun after the every day stress.
I´m sure I will like the new job because I love helping people. It will also bring me more money and blogging topics. There goes my night owl nights online :) Well, not all of them but only some. I will know this month´s schedule today. I will share this new experience as soon as I have more news.
See you soon.

4 comentários:

Monica said...

I'm glad you found a job Mize!! Hope all is well with you ;-) *HUGS*

Lanie, said...

Congratulation Mize on your new job, so happy for you. I think having a new job is very important nowadays that our economy downturn. I wish and hope to have fulltime job when I get back from summer vacation.

Babette said...

I'm so happy for you Mize, congratulations! :o)

diTesco said...

Congratulations and many luck to your new endeavour. It is my belief that financial stability to one is very important. This also gives as new boundaries to explore and provides as with more motivation. I am sure you will find the time to dedicate on some of your blogs (perhaps not all of them). You will just probably have to find another "type" of bird to accommodate your new found agenda. Gook luck again and all the best.