Birthday Present: A Good Moisturizer

This month it´s my birthday. Every year I offer myself a present as a way to reward me. This year, I will buy something I really need: skin care products. With my age, I need to take good care of my skin and once my moisturizer is ending I decided to buy myself a new one.
When I was younger, I had some acne problems and now I have an oily type of skin. I like using natural products because they respect my skin´ balance.
Nowadays, it´s easy to find very effective professional products proven by research. After searching online for a good moisturizer I found different professional brands such as strivectin and yonka but the one that persuaded me the most was pevonia. They have a good selection of products for all skin types at affordable prices.
And you? Which moisturizer brand do you prefer?

2 comentários:

GAGAY said...

hola te mize..happy birthday!

i prefer VS..

Mizé said...

Hi Gagay. Thanks!
My birthday is next 13th, I´m an Aries and Ox :)