First Days At Work

Hi everyone.
My first two days at work went well. I already know my schedule for this month and I think I was very lucky to be placed in a good department.
I´m working at the sterilization department and, although I have a good studies´ level, I never expected to be placed there.
It´s a challenging work, specially for those who never did it (like me). This type of job is demanding, we have many responsabilities, but we don´t deal with patients at all only with tools.
The shifts have different schedules and during this month I will do many mornings. I start at 8.00 am and finish at 16.00 pm. This is a totally different schedule from what I´m used to so it will demand even more from me.
I´m motivated but I´m still a night owl, remember? :) For example, it´s already midnight and I´m still awake, updating Night Clicks and writing a review.
It´s difficult to change myself overnight but opportunities like these can´t be found that easily. All I need is persistence and after some time I will get used to it. I have two days off every week which I will use to rest.
Right now, my main concern is my University course. With a full time job, a daughter and a three rooms flat to take care of, I´m not sure if I will be able to do everything but I will sure try. If my teacher allows, I can do my project until December, otherwise my project needs to be finished till June/July. At the pace I´m going this time limit looks unrealistic to me but if I explain my situation to my teacher maybe she´ll understand. I´m positive she will understand, it´s my only chance to finish my course this year.
Well, that´s all for tonight.
See you soon.

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