Learning SEO Factors

Hi everyone.
It´s been some time since I last wrote a post about blogging resources. Today, I´d like to share a website I found that can be very useful to other bloggers that wish to learn SEO.
As you know, SEO is not an easy subject, specially because Google´s algorithm isn´t published. If this subject´s information was available to all and easy to learn there wouldn´t be so many SEO consultants and companies that specialize in this area.
Personally, I´ve been learning about SEO from different resources and, although I´m not an expert, I know more now than when I started blogging.
In the website I´m recommending today you can find a Google Ranking Factor Checklist created to help other webmaster´s. This checklist focus on:

~ Positive ON-Page SEO Factors.
~ Negative ON-Page SEO Factors.
~ Positive OFF-Page SEO Factors.
~ Negative OFF-Page SEO Factors.

If you´re interested in this and other topics related to SEO, visit:

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