Online Education

As I mentioned in previous posts, I´ve been studying in University for the past years.
With my age, studying and being at home without a day time job is a big effort and requires much investment. To persue higher education I need not only financial conditions and skills but also a good dose of motivation.
Before going back to school I was a working mom but when the post office didn´t renovate my contract I had to make a choice. Either I would search for a new job or I would go back to school to take the course I´ve always dreamt about. Thanks to my mother´s help, which offered herself to help me pay some of my studie´s expenses, I was able to put my plan in practice.
First, I started a course in a private University 20 km from where I live which offered organizational psychology courses but I wasn´t sure if this was a good area to follow. I decided to choose mental health counseling instead. After two years in Clinical Pshycology, I decided to require a transfer to a public University near my home. Thanks to my very good grades, my request was approved but I had to start all over again because my actual course orientation is different.
Recently, due to some changes in my personal life, I decided to search for a day time job and found my actual one. Now, it´s more complicated to manage all my tasks than before. If I could, I would prefer to finish my course with an online education system. This would allow me to study from home in my free time. For working professionals, this is the best system to choose because you can work and, at the same time, study at your own pace.
Unfortunatly, in my country this isn´t possible but if you´re in USA an online accredited education is the best way to be a working student.

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