My New Domain Name

Hello everyone. I´m back from my daily duties.
As my post´s tittle says, I bought a new domain name. You might think I´m crazy and I must admit I am (but only a bit:)). I´m crazy about blogging and, if I could, I would blog part-time and spend more time online.
My offline duties stop me from going further in my online adventures. Blogging can be a lot of fun but unless you´re very lucky and dedicate yourself with heart and soul, it´s not a viable way of having a stable income.
I bought this new domain some weeks ago but I haven´t touched it yet or blogged about my plans. I intend to use this new domain for one of my personal blogs and I will use Google to host it. Google and blogspot allow me to have free hosting for my domains, which is a very good deal because it´s a reliable system. I don´t need to worry with monthly expenses and my blogs are up and running all the time.
I learned how to install my blogspot blog in a domain with a fellow EC blogger. She posted a very useful tutorial in her blog and, after learning how to do it, I think it´s a very good option for my blogging plans.
When I have news about this topic I will update you.
See you soon.

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verabear said...

Good luck with this venture! :)