My TV News Boycott

Lately, I haven´t seen much television. Specially the news at dinner time. To be updated, I hear the news on the radio while driving, I read the headlines of a few Internet websites or take a peak to a couple daily newspapers when I go to a coffee bar.
I used to watch the evening news every day, but not anymore. The reason for my news boycott is simple: It´s the worst hour of the TV. Here in my country, the news seem to resume only the worst happenings.
One thing I hate to hear is the news about child abuse. I just can´t understand how some people have the guts to hurt children. I think people who hurt children are very sick and should be locked away in a mental institution. Unfortunately, cases of child abuses seem to be more frequent than I wish. It disgusts me profoundly to hear about this cases so I just turn the TV off.
In Portugal there´s no way to know who these offenders are but in countries like USA you can track this dangerous people. There are websites that help Track Sex Offenders. This websites can be helpful because every abuser that was once convicted has a criminal record. Here in my country things work differently, you just can´t identify where the danger is coming from that easily. Maybe in a few years we can have a record system like in US but for now we have to rely in other clues and teach our kids to defend themselves the best they can.

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