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Hello everyone.
Today it´s my day off but I have so many things to do that I won´t rest much.
My mother finally decided to move in with us and now I need to change my home office into a room for her. She has been sick and, at her age, living alone isn´t easy. I decided to take care of her and manage all her things.
From now on, I will have to travel to my hometown once in a couple months to check how things are going. With a day job and my studies, it won´t be easy to manage so much stuff but I have no other option because I´m an only child and I don´t want to put my mother in a third age rest house.
I also need to do something about my blogs because I no longer have time for all of them. Any suggestions?
See you soon.

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Dorothy L said...

Hey is the way a stage of life girl.
There are more grandparents raising their grandchildren and children taking care of their parents these days than ever.

It is a very commendable task that you have chosen to accept.

It is life and we do what we have to do for our families!

Take Care!

maria said...

You are one busy lady! But it's good that your mom has moved in w/ you. It's very hard living on your won especially if you're sick.

Btw, I have an award for you. You may grab it here when you have the time.

Hope you're having a terrific weekend.