Farming & Chickens

As some of you know, my dream is to live in a country home not only because I´m a nature lover but also to have my own small farm. I´d like to plant my own vegetables, herbs and maintain a small garden. Besides this I´d like to have a few pets and raise chickens.
As a city girl, my goals may sound weird but I´m working hard to put my plans in practice because this is what I really want to do in a near future.
I often research the Internet to learn more about farming topics and I recently found a website that offers people the ability to download chicken coop building plans, order an un-assembled kit, or purchase an easy to clean chicken coop. This website provides downloads so we can learn how to make a chicken coop and also offers e-books about raising chickens. If you´d like to have your own fresh organic eggs, check out Green Roof Chicken Coop website.

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