Blogger Status: Only One Day Off This Weekend!

Hello everyone.
Finally, a weekend day off arrived for me and with it some rest. Maybe not so much, it looks I´ll never rest. I have a pile of clothes to iron bigger than myself :)
Tomorow, Sunday, I´m going to put away all my duties and housechores!
I´m going to the beach with my daughter. Summer hasn´t arrived yet but the weather is hot enough to take a swim.
My new job is going well (I think) but along with my other duties it doesn´t leave me much time for my usual blogging chores. My domain blog is almost abandoned since the begining of this month, I haven´t done drops as I used to and my new domain project hasn´t take off.
The only good blogging news come from my Portuguese blogs. I got PR1 in my new food blog but I have been so busy that I only noticed it a couple days ago. My art blog is for sure my best endeavour and it surprises me every day. I get really nice comments, more organic traffic than before and my Adsense earnings reflect what I´ve achieved.
Last week, I won a book about saving in a blog giveaway. Now I´m waiting to get the book by mail. Will I have time to read it? Not sure about it but I´m happy to be the winner.
Yesterday, I wanted to update some of my blogs but I got a bit lost reading Womenselfesteem blog. Dorothy has very good posts that I enjoy reading.
I also spent over an hour "cleaning" my e-mail boxes and reading the updates in a couple fellow´ blogs. When I finished answering a few comments here in Night Clicks, I went straight to bed. Just like tonight. I´m tired and I need to regain strengh.
A good Night to all :)

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