Home Security

A few weeks ago, someone broke into my forth floor neighbor´s flat and robed all her gold. My neighbor is an old lady that lives alone since the death of her husband, three years ago. When she noticed that someone had broke into her home, she immediately called the police. It was too late, the burglars ran away without a trace and she didn´t recover her belongings.
I only knew this happening two days later when I meet her in our building´s entrance hall. If she hadn´t told me about what happened I would have never suspect that my building isn´t as safe as I thought. We all have a video door system but none of us has a monitored home security system like those offered by ADT Las Vegas or home insurance to protect our belongings.
This recent event made me wonder if there´s more criminality in my city or if this was just an isolated case. One thing is sure, it´s less likely to be broken into by having a ADT Home Security System because home monitored alarms help deter burglary attempts.
Criminals plan burglaries on homes without an active security system and a dog is not the best solution to avoid them. Once a burglar decided to enter a home a dog won´t stop him and can become a victim too. To avoid home invaders and get protected the best solution is to install a reliable home security system that can effectively prevent and detect any burglars' attempt.

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