Blogger Stuff: My Lost Car and My New Life

Some weeks ago, I blogged about the fact that I was about to lose my new car (a 2007 Ford in the picture above) because I couldn´t afford to pay it alone anymore. The truth is I didn´t want to keep paying a car that wasn´t only mine. This was one of the consequences of my recent divorce.
Yes, I´m divorcing but I didn´t have enough courage to blog about it before. I mentioned that my life changed, that I was feeling down but didn´t explain much about my current situation. I guess I was ashamed of admiting that a fifteen year´s relation had ended, but not anymore.
I gave up my new car and some other things (luxuries) but I kept my daughter, my mental sanity, recovered my freedom and found a new job, a few very important things for me :)
Now that my life has changed, I lost my previous financial situation, the feeling I was being locked in a prison and recovered my peace of mind. Now, I have the will to start a new path, much healthier and without so many unfair compromises and obligations.
I felt like a housekeeper of someone who didn´t respected me, my life choices, (my blogging endeavors were a problem too), didn´t validated me or appreciated all my efforts. "Someone that can not love" (David Fonseca song, remember this Music Monday?). Someone that became an alcoholic with depression, has low self esteem, overjealous, anxiety prolems and doesn´t know how to save or manage money properly. I think I deserve a better life and as we say in Portugal it´s better to be alone than with a bad company.
Now that I´ve shared my personal life´s changes here in Night Clicks, I feel lighter, lol. I hated omitting what was going on with me. After all, my blogs are about me and my life. Now that I´ve expelled this "dark side of my moon" I can go on blogging about my stuff in a direct manner because that´s me!
A good night to all & see you soon xx

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Native American Momma said...

So sorry about the divorce. You seem to be handling it well by keeping things in perspective. 15 years is a long time and in that time people can change or grow or even become less mature. I think that is a great saying better to be alone..