Blogger Status: Busy Doing Night Shifts

Hello everyone.
I´m dropping by Night Clicks to post a few lines and let you know how I´m doing.
As my post title says, I´m busy with my work. I´ve been doing shifts from 16 pm to midnight. In the morning, I have to make lunch and at 1 pm I drive my daughter to school. At night, when I arrive home from work, I take care of the laundry and other housechores. When I have enough energy left, I turn on my notebook and update some of my blogs. When I´m doing night shifts I go to bed very late and wake up just in time for my mom´s duties.
This weekend, I´ll have Sunday and Monday off. Two days in a row are great for me because some weeks I have my days off in separate. When I only have one day off time flies very quickly and I hardly have enough rest.
Although I´ve been tired, I think I´m doing well in my new job. My school project is late and I just hope I can finish it before September otherwise I´ll be integrated in Bolonha process, which isn´t good for me. This is a subject for a future post. For now, I´m off to bed.
A good night to all. I´ll only be back Sunday :)

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Allena said...

hi mize!!! how are you? hope everything is well even though your doing night shifts! take care my friend!!!