About Social Networking & Tweeter

Social networking is the latest trend for Internet Marketers, Webmasters and Bloggers from all corners of the world. This type of websites allow us to make new connections, discover new blogs/websites, get more exposure, traffic and readers/followers.
In theory, if we don´t connect with others that share the same interests people won´t be able to find us in this huge Internet crowd.
I´ve used Entrecard to network but this is only one of this type of websites. I haven´t used Tweeter yet. I haven´t found a space/time to tweet but I know I could have some advantages by using it.
For now, I´m still doing my "Blogger Satus" posts where I update my readers about different topics of my personal life.
I´d like to know which are the advantages of using Tweeter but I think the best way is to try it myself. If I manage to find a bit of time in my busy blogging agenda I´ll sure try this website. Do you think I´m losing something?

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Native American Momma said...

I started using twitter and twitter itself isn't going to get you connection, but joining Ning's that you'll be invited too because you have a twitter account will.
I belong to "The Mom Bloggers club", "Twitters Mom's influential network" and a few others.
That is the only "up" side I have found. Twitter is quick and easy to use. Updating your status more then 6-7 times a day is considered excessive to many. Usually, I'll update like 3 times a day and just respond two 3-4 random people's tweets and that is it.

Mariuca said...

Mize!! Such a busy week for me dear! How are u coping with work?? :)