Shelves & Store Fixtures Solutions

In my flat, I´ve been struggling with lack of space to store some of my books. I already bought an office library but it didn´t have enough shelves to store all my books.
While shopping at the mall I visited a store and had an idea. I remembered that I could use a cheap solution to organize my books and save space, just like bookstores do. I bought a couple melamine shelves to put in the wall and solved my space problem. Now my home office looks like a bookstore but it´s a better solution than keeping my books hidden in boxes.
Another good solution I found to save space and store my groceries was buying a gandola shelving for my kitchen.
If you´re opening or renovating a store you´ll sure need fixtures, displays and shelving. If you´re looking for retail shelving and store fixtures at affordable prices check out M.Fried online store. M. Fried, established in New York since 1991, is a full service store fixtures company that provides quality products, customer service, competitive pricing and quick delivery.
M. Fried online store has thousands of items in stock ready to ship, including melamine shelves, and it offers good solutions for store fixtures, display and supply industry.

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