Blogger Stuff: A Spring Cold

Hi everyone.
Last weekend, my daughter was sick and had a fever. Fortunately, I had three days off and I could take good care of her. During three days, I gave her some antipyretic. Thanks God, the fever went away and now she´s much better. You know kids, they seem to have good fever resistance.
She had a cold and now I think she passed it to me. Yesterday, I woke up with a sore throat and a headache too. I went to work feeling dizzy. I can´t afford to miss my job because I just started working last month. Today I took a few pills, specially for the awful headache that doesn´t go away. If I´m like her, in a couple days I will get better but today I don´t have much energy.
This week, I´m doing afternoon and night shifts but tomorow I have to work in the morning. It´s already late and I´m off to bed.
See you soon.

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