Professional Electricity Services

As some of you know, my husband is a telecommunication electrician but he can do any job related to electricity installations. Some months ago, I asked him to install a strong kitchen light and some new switches. He did this task very well. I now have a good kitchen light, the room of my flat where I spend more time, and new switches in some rooms.
Last winter, I also asked him to install a bathroom heater. He bought all the equipment and installed it really fast. I was very lucky to have an electrician at home to do all this tasks I needed otherwise I had to contract someone to do them for me because I don´t understand much about electricity.
If you live in North Carolina region and you´re not as lucky as I am, you can find professional Raleigh Electricians by visiting the website Releighnelectrician dot org. This website is owned by Electric Solutions Unlimited, a family operated company with over 40 years experience.
Electric Solutions Unlimited provides full electrical service, residential, commercial or Industrial. It specializes in new constructions, renovations, troubleshooting, testing, branch circuits, switches, receptacles, outside installations, underground wiring, cable trays, motors, controls, water heaters, air conditioners, TV, telephones, audio and surround sound. They also offer professional services for swimming pools, Spas, hot tubs and all electricity projects you need.
Check out their website and ask for a quote for your electricity project.

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