Student Life: Big Decisions To Be Made

My student life is worring me more than ever. I have to make a big decision but I´m not sure what to do.
In my university, 2009 is the last transition year from the old model to what we call "Bolonha". Bolonha was created to uniformize European studies. For example, if you study in Spain, France or other EU country, the course you finish will be recognized in Portugal (or in other countries) as equal, and vice versa.
Bolonha model includes two cycles. The first cycle lasts three years and is equivalent to a degree, the second cycle lasts two years and is equivalent to Masters.
In my area of studies, I can only work in my profession if I have a Masters or finish my course this year. In both cases, I´ll need to do professional work for 18 months in an institution before I can be recognised as a professional.
The big decision is: Should I finish my dissertation project until September and finish the old model or should I quit my project and go into Bolonha process?
I´ve been thinking about the benefits and disadvantages of both options but I haven´t reached any conclusion yet.
If I chose the first option, I´ll need to finish my project fast and invest more 18 months. All this only to have a degree and be able to work in my area of studies. On the other hand, if I chose Bolonha, I need to invest two more years in school, plus 18 months but, if I complete the process, I´ll have a Masters. Now that I started working, both options seem a lot of work for me because I already spent 6 years in University. Oh my! What should I do?
This decision is making me slepless and so worried. The problem is I need to make up my mind fast. I hate making decisions in a hurry but I have no other option. If you were in my shoes, what would you do?

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