Summer Fashion

Summer has arrived to Portugal. Now that I´m working and have to go out more, I need to buy some new summer clothes.
Recently, I lost some weight. After some exercise and healthy meals, I lost around eight kilos without any special diet. I´m not wearing XL t-shirts anymore and now my old summer clothes don´t look well on me. I really need to buy a couple pair of shorts, a few tops to match and one jacket. Once I´m saving money I also need to compare prices and try to make the best deals.
I´ve been visiting some fashion websites to check the latest trends in fashion and came across some interesting choices.
One website that I enjoyed visiting was Simply Be, the UK's leading direct home shopping company. Simply Be, founded in 1875, is a sister company to J D Williams & Company Limited which sells directly to costumers trough the post service.
Simply Be has a large Plus Size Catalogue for girls like me. Their website has everything I need to renovate my closet, feel comfortable and, at the same time, beautiful. I really like Anna Scholz Print Cut Out Sleeve Top, specially it´s modern cut and colors. Their Denim Jacket would match perfectly with shorts or jeans.
Simply Be also has shoes, my fashion passion. The Viva La Diva T Bar Sandals are my favorites. I also found an awesome Ballet Bikini in purple, perfect for my summer Sundays at the beach. Simply Be is a cool shop, they have different sections for all tastes. Just check it out and see for yourself.

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