Improving My Adsense Earnings

Hello everyone.
I´m back from work. In the past couple days, I´ve been doing a nice shift, from 2 to 8 pm. This shift allows me to be back to my blogging nights.
A few weeks ago, I mentioned in a post that I was working to improve my Adsense earnings. For my surprise, my best Adsense earners are my Portuguese blogs. I did some research and found that the Portuguese food niche had many searchers and enough space for more offer.
My strategie to improve my Adsense earnings is to invest my time on blogs, SEO them to have enough organic traffic and hope they generate revenue. This isn´t an easy goal but with some effort and my actual SEO knowledge it´s not impossible to reach. To acheive it, all I need is free time.
Last April, I started a food blog in Portuguese. I post once a week and already have a few good links that point to this blog. The result was positive, I already have PR1 and daily organic traffic from Google searches.
During May, this organic traffic started to click and generated some revenue that ads to my other blog´s earnings. If visitors keep clicking at this rate, next month I´ll reach another payment.
I received a check in May and in June I´ll reach another payment. Not bad at all. This project is demanding but rewarding and I´m happy that I´m able to generate revenue while I´m sleeping :)
See you soon.

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