International Food

As most of you know, I´m a foodie. Although I´m a bit overweight and try to make a healthy diet, I have a great pleasure eating different dishes. I have a crush on cakes, just what I should avoid to keep my weight as it is.
I cook almost every day, specially Portuguese dishes, but I also enjoy trying new things in the kitchen. When I go out to eat, sometimes I choose other countries´restaurants. In my town there are Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Spanish and Indian restaurants. I already tried all of this restaurants and my favorites are Chinese and Italian.
I wouldn´t mind trying other exotic flavors too but it´s not easy to find good quality imported products in our local supermarkets. Recently, one shop that has Russian products opened doors but once I never tried this type of food I don´t know how to cook it.
If you like International food, you can visit website, an online food market. This online market, owned and operated by Food Depot Corporation, has over 4500 various ethnic food products and ingredients from all over the world. While browsing the website, I found it has indonesian food, one option I wouldn´t mind trying. In their website you can find foods by origin or browse the different categories.
EFoodDepot has food from Asia, India, Europe, Middle East and South America that can be shipped to all over USA. The website offers hard to find food products such as snacks, sauces, spices, cooking mixes, sweets, cookies, beverages, etc, and the shipping rate is only $4.99.
In Food Depot website you can find that special exotic ingredient you´ve been looking for. After you place your order, you can receive it in the comfort of your home.
Food Depot also lists over 4000 recipes for various food dishes, a good way to learn and explore other countrie´s culinary traditions.

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Empty Streets said...

Hi Mize,

It is a friday again :) Dropping by figuratively and literally hehehe :) Keep cool always and enjoy the weekend :) xoxo.

PS all this food talk is making me really hungry heheh :)

Bob Johnson said...

I love Chinese, I will be going over to China in July, so I'm wondering what real Chinese food tastes like, I have heard tell it's different.