Art Gallery

One of my passions is art. I enjoy all types of art but one of my favorites is painting.
When I have some free time, which isn´t much, I enjoy doing stained glass artwork. I have a blog in my language about this topic and I often surf the net looking for other artists´ work. There are plenty online art galleries and I´m glad they exist because this way I can enjoy artworks without leaving my home. Well, it´s not the same as visiting an art gallery and see other artist´s creations live but it´s a good way to check new tendencies and techniques that are being developed abroad.
If you like online art galleries, maybe you will enjoy Paragonfineart dot com. This website is a full service art gallery in the Los Angeles area that offers dealer prices to the public. They specialize in Contemporary, Traditional and Commercial art and they feature artists such as Pino, Tomasz Rut, Peter Max, Pamela Sukhum, Vladimir Kush, Dino Rosin, Tina Palmer, Ford Smith Art and many more.
Paragonfineart has a vast fine art inventory, they have total control over the materials and no middlemen or other dealers involved. This way they can offer very good prices. Once their inventory changes daily, there´s always something new to discover.

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