Confirmed PR Updates

Yeap, it´s confirmed. Yesterday, there were PR updates. After making my EC round I noticed changes in some blogs.
I´m glad Night Clicks managed to keep it´s PR. Some of my other blogs kept their PRs as well but my recent ones gained PR. This updates brought some good news for me. My recent dot com blog already has PR1 and my Portuguese food blog has now PR2.
Once I had nothing to lose, I made a few experiences with my recent food blog. I like to make SEO experiences so I can learn from them. I know that PR is much more about links than in page optimization factors. With a few links of related blogs pointed to my blog and in page optimization techniques, I gained PR2. Not bad for a blog with only three months of existence.
So, if you want to get good ranks in your blog get as many related links as possible. I would like to find how many links I need to gain more PR in Night Clicks, I wouldn´t mind having PR4 like I once did, but no math can tell me that. It all depends on the websites where the links come from.
There´s one thing I can do: I can use my own blogs to provide links to my other websites. I just have to it in a smart way and with the right anchor text. With the amount of blogs I have, it´s easy to get as many links as I wish to my other sites.
Well, that´s all for now. I´m doing one of my blogging nights so I´ll see you in a bit :)

2 comentários:

Michelle said...

Congrats on the great PR. I'm so jealous. I've been blogging for 1 1/2 years and I have nothing. I still can't figure out Google's system. Thanks for stopping by today.


Mizé said...

Hello Michelle.
Oh... don´t be jealous. It´s not that hard to have some PR. You need backlinks from other sites to your blogs. You can get them with link exchanges with other bloggers that already have PR.
Optimizing a blog is more difficult but try getting links first. Maybe next round you´ll have some.
All the best, Mizé.