Car Repairs

As I mentioned in previous posts, I bought another car. I didn´t buy a recent car because I don´t want to get in debt I can´t afford. I have a one year contract that can be renovated up to three years but once I don´t have a stable situation, I didn´t want to risk anything in my monthly budget.
The car I bought already has ten years old but I think I made a good deal buying a second hand car. The car was recently painted, has new tires, the motor is running smoothly and the best part is the one year full guarantee I got from the stand where I bought it. This guarantee only covers mechanical repairs. If I have the bad luck of having an accident the guarantee doesn´t cover any repairs.
Anyone that has a car needs to know an auto body shop. If you have scratches in your car you can support the expenses yourself and avoid insurance. If you´re looking for a Los Angeles Auto Body you can check 101 Studio website. 101 Studio Auto Body Collision strives to be an affordable, high quality and dependable collision repair shop. You can call them at (323) 472-5364 if you need any repairs. This company repairs cars, trucks and SUVs

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