Bye.. Michael

Today, I was cooking lunch when my daughter entered the kitchen and asked me: "Do you know who died?"
I answered: Got no idea.
She replied: It was Michael Jackson, I turned the TV on and they were saying the same in all chanels.
I was caught by surprise.
In my teens, I remember being very happy to receive "Thriller" Maxi single as a birthday present. I played the record over and over in a portable LP player I had until I knew the lyrics. His music was so different from what we were used to.. the best was the video. At that time, I was fascinated with terror movies too.
Well, I guess his unexpected death caught us all by surprise, specially because his life was sort of a mistery. He was only 51.
Rest in peace Michael.

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PS - I´m writting this post late at night. The conversation above took place in 26th.
After publishing the post I noticed something wrong. I wasn´t a teen, I´m not that old, lol. I was 9/10 years old when I got MJ Maxi single. Sometimes our memory can be tricky :)

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