Back From Night Shifts

Hello folks.
It´s good to be back home from my job´s night shifts. This week was really exhausting. We had loads of work and some collegues are in vacations, leaving us with less people to work in my section.
I´m tired but I didn´t go to bed, no way José:) When I arrived home I started cooking some pasta for tomorow´s lunch and made a load of clothes in my washing machine. Afterwards, I made a good cup of coffe and turned my notebook on to check my blogs.
I can´t help it, it´s more than an addiction. My blogging night sessions are my way to relax after a demanding shift. No one can take them away from me, only an Internet failure, lol.
You see, I have this great office chair in my kitchen (which became my home office) that helps me rest my back and legs. No matter what time it is, this is my daily routine before going to bed.
This week, I´ll have Friday and Saturday off. Two days in a row, iupi!
I have to make the most out of this downtime because I won´t have two days in a row so soon. Next Sunday, I´ll work in the early morning shift. Next week, we´ll have two national holidays but I will only rest one.
Well, that´s all for now. I´ll be back in a few minutes with a website review.
See you xx

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