Digital Magazine For Nurses

In my recent job at the hospital, I have developed a good work relation with some nurses and not only in my section. I admire them because they have such a noble but demanding profession.
Many of the nurses I meet have to work night shifts, sometimes three or more in a row. In this demanding profession they have to be passionate about what they do. I think many of this professionals are under a great amount of stress. I can imagine the difficulties they have in keeping a balance between work, rest, family, social duties and entertainment.
While browsing the Internet to find good health related articles, I came across a cool website totally dedicated to nurses. This website is an upcoming print magazine developed to cover all nurse´s topics, both personal and professional. This digital magazine offers career advice such as interview tips for nurses, job market and information about the best places to be a nurse. Besides career topics, the website also provides mind, health, beauty, style, love, money, news & entertainment sections. Nurses can discover in style scrubs, inspiring stories, jokes and check lists. The magazine has everything nurses need to relax after an exhausting shift.

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