Fixing My Notebook Saga

Hello folks.
I´ve been trying to fix my notebook for ages. I´m not an expert (don´t laugh) but this process has turned into a real saga.
I caught a virus while making drops and, since then, my notebook started to act very strange. I could not even open Internet pages anymore.
I had a paid anti-virus installed but it wasn´t enough to catch this little nasty bug. I feel like saying "Bloody Bug" :)
It took me long hours to save all the documents and image files in CDs (6 CDs in total) and this is only my fault because I kept loads of stuff on it.
After saving all the files, I tried to reboot the system but couldn´t do it because I didn´t have the original CD. After searching the whole house, and almoast having a rage attack, I finally found the CD in the box where the notebook came when I bought it. I kept the box well hiden in one of my clothes closets but totally forgot about it. Now I know why I kept it, lol, it had the system copies and user´s manuals inside.
Finally, after a long night, I managed to reboot the system but I lost many of the programs I had. Now, I need to rest and maybe tomorow I´ll start looking for CDs to install the other programs. Another chapter of this saga :)

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