Blogger Status: Day Off & Blogging Night

Hello folks.
This week, Saturday is my day off and it finally arrived. I say finally because I do get tired doing a few night shifts in a row.
Right now, I´m multitasking. I´m doing drops and writing posts. When I got home tonight, I was really tired but when I turn my notebook on and drink a couple coffe mugs, I gain energy to do another blogging night.
Yesterday, once again, I went to bed very late. After 3.00 am I spent a few hours reading posts in Mathias Chronicles blog about hell and heaven and got distracted. When I noticed, it was already morning. I went to bed but only slept a few hours and here I am again. After working till 20.00 pm, I´m ready for another blogging night :)
See you in a bit.

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