Painting Services

Now that the good weather arrived, I´ve been thinking about finally painting a part of my flat. I say finally because I´ve been living in this flat for nine years now and I only painted the kitchen and one bedroom once.
All my flat´s walls are white, which is not the best color choice when we have kids at home. My big bathroom, kitchen and balcony really need a new painting but the hall could use a fresh look too. I´m not sure if I can do all this painting at once, I need to do it by parts. One thing I´m sure, I won´t paint the walls in white again. This time I would like to paint some rooms and the hall in a soft brown or yellow.
I´ve been avoiding painting my flat because it´s a lot of work to do it by myself, not to mention the cost of it. I would need to remove some furniture and wouldn´t be able to use the kitchen for a couple days. I really could use a professional painting service but I haven´t checked for a quote yet.
Here where I live the paint isn´t very expensive, you can buy 25 liter of good quality paint for 25 or 30 Euros. The problem is how much professionals charge to do the job. I know some charge around 40 Euros per hour, which is a lot for me.
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