This Week We Had Two Hollidays in a Row

Hi everyone.
This week, we had two holidays in a row, 10th and 11th. Wednesday was "Day of Portugal, Camões and Portuguese Communities" and Thursday was Corpus Christi, a known Christian holiday which is celebrated after Easter.
This year, this two hollidays happened to be in the same week. As far as I can remember this is something very unusual but it happened this year.
I had a day off in the 10th but I worked a night shift in 11th. Wednesday, I spent a good part of the night making EC drops and catching up with one of my favorite personal finance website, called "Get Rich Slow".
I found this website trough Technorati when I first started My Countryhome blog and I´ve been reading it ever since. Although US reality is very different from mine, it´s curious to find that I´m putting in practice many of this website´s useful tips.
Tonight, after arriving home from my night shift, I spent most of my time doing housechores and only now, after 3 am, I turned my notebook on. Needless to say that I have to catch some sleep.
See you soon xx

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