Mavenlink Marketplace

The Internet became a worldwide marketplace for those who sell products or services. Selling products or services online is now a reality for many businesses. The Internet is an efficient and fast tool to connect people, no matter where they are, and it allows many different types of businesses expand their activities.
If you are an entrepreneur, consultant, subject matter expert or professional and you would like to market your services trough the Internet you should check out Mavenlink website.
Mavenlink is a recent community that works like an online marketplace dedicated to connecting people who seek professionals to get a project done. Those who offer their services trough Mavenlink´s marketplace are called Mavens. Mavens can be designers, writers, accountants, real estate law experts, among other Online Consultants.
Mavens can create a profile and bid on projects. After their offer is accepted by the client Mavens complete the project and get paid for it. Clients can post different projects, select the Maven they consider the most appropriate to complete each project, direct the work and track progress.
Clients and Mavens can communicate trough the collaboration tools available in the website and those who work together to complete projects can also submit feedback which is published in the member profile. This ratings help build trust in projects completed trough Mavenlink marketplace.
Mavenlink charter membership is totally free. To learn more about this online community, just visit

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