Blogger Status: Weekend Ended

That´s right. My weekend just ended because this Sunday I´m doing a morning shift. As usual, my two days off ended and I didn´t do everything I wanted.
In Friday I had enough rest, did housechores, bought some groceries went to the post office, cooked dinner and had a school collegue over. When I noticed, it was already Saturday. My collegue went home around 2 am. When she left, I wrote a few posts and went to bed very late.
As I usually say, my blogging nights should have 48 hours or more :)
Tonight, time passed so quick... I made some drops, wrote a couple posts and then I got a bit lost reading financial information online. I wanted to check some topics about investment and IRS and when I noticed it was already 3.30 am.
Now, I´m off to bed because I have to wake up around 7 am. Once again, I´m not going to sleep enough and tomorow I won´t have much energy left. Well, tired but happy :)
Next week, we will have two national holidays in a row (10 and 11). I´ll be home in 10th but I´ll work in 11th.
Today, my shift ends at 16.00 pm, when I return home the first thing I´ll do is turn my notebook on :)
See you later.

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Dorothy L said...

Sounds like life is moving right along for you!
That is a very good thing!

Have a great day girl ;)