Cell Phone Batteries

My Samsung cell phone is acting strange again. Today, I arrived a few minutes late at work because the clock isn´t working well. I use my cell phone as an alarm clock because it has a nicer sound than most normal clocks.
Usually, I have the clock set with a few minutes advanced. This way I always wake up before time and I don´t have to rush in the morning, one of the things I dislike more when I´m working in morning shifts.
In the past months, the cool Samsung I bought back in 2005 gave me some batteries problems. Now, I think the problem is the same and I can´t rely on it as an alarm clock anymore.
I already looked online to check Cell Phone Batteries prices and I realized I really need to buy a new one. If I buy new batteries maybe my cell phone will last a few more years. Although it´s a bigger phone device than modern ones, it has everything I need in it. It has Internet, calculator, camera and video too. Plus, all my contacts are in there, it would be a headache to lose this phone numbers. Right now, I don´t want to spend my hard earned cash in a new phone so I think cell phone batteries will do just fine and will solve my current problem.

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